Crafting Arizona
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We’re setting out to create a platform for the local Arizona thought leaders to tell their stories of success, failure and community. Through these stories we hope to inspire our viewers to create a connection with their community, collaborate with their peers and "craft their own history" to create the unified Arizona community of the future.

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“Its a sacred responsibility to foster the next generation”

— Wayne Rainey

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“It takes a community, a village a, universe of good things. Then we have to support them.”

— Chris Bianco

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“That’s why I have a cactus tattoo, Phoenix definitely made a mark on me for sure.”

— Michelle Johnson


“It’s family, it’s it’s community, it's your neighbors, it’s the friends that you make along the way that are much more meaningful than any ROI on a restaurant.”

— Doug Robson

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“All I want to do is build community through food and nourish people.”

— Aaron Chamberlin

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“Do what you can with what you have.”

— Kenny Barrett

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“This is everything about my identity - this neighborhood and this restaurant.”

— Michael Babcock

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No. 8

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